Dr. Charles R. Appel Memorial Tennis Scholarship

Tennis Central is pleased to announce the 2017

Dr. Charles R. Appel Memorial Tennis Scholarship

About the Winner: Andrew Ashley

Almost a year ago, I was diagnosed with severe Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). Simple tasks such as walking down the stairs, leaving a room or washing my hands took me more than ten minutes to accomplish because of my compulsions.  While dealing with this disorder, I was also in the middle of my Junior year tennis season. Through the comradery of the tennis team, and the support that they all gave me with this disorder, I felt like I had a support system that would do whatever they could to help me through this very trying time of my life. That support system really changed my high school experience because it allowed me to continue to function during a time in my life where I had trouble getting out of bed in the morning. Being part of my tennis team allowed me to be able to continue striving for high academic achievement even though I was mentally exhausted trying to deal with all my compulsions.

With the immense support from my doubles partner and my coach, I could overcome some of the more severe effects of my disorder during the matches ahead. Through their continued support, I was able to focus on the task of playing in the district tournament.  I found that the tennis court became a haven for me to be able to focus all my energy on playing the match and not worrying about the disorder affecting me. We went on to win the district doubles tennis tournament, which gave me a massive amount of confidence in my ability to achieve whatever I dedicate myself to, no matter what the obstacles.  I have applied this adage throughout my life, my experiences overcoming my disorder have inspired my passion to better myself and achieve my goals.

I aspire to get a degree from a prestigious university so I can pursue my future goals.  I plan on getting a degree in computer engineering at the University of Pittsburgh, attend the honors college to get a Baccalaureate degree of Philosophy and a Baccalaureate degree of science. I also plan on participating in the Pitt’s co-op program so I can get relevant work experience to increase my chances of getting hired after college.  I also plan on continuing my education by getting my graduate’s degree in an engineering discipline.


About the Appel Memorial Tennis Scholarship

In 1980 Dr. Charles R. Appel became the first President of the Lancaster Tennis Patrons Association which is one of the oldest community tennis organizations in the country. After his premature passing from cancer at a young age, his wife, Joy Appel Walker, succeeded Dr. Appel as President and established in his memory the Dr. Charles R. Appel Junior Memorial Fund which has supported a summer junior tennis tournament for over 30 years.

The Dr. Charles R. Appel Memorial Tennis Scholarship is to be used towards post-secondary educational expenses and award will be paid directly to the college/university the Scholarship Winner will be attending.

The Charles R. Appel Memorial Junior Tennis Tournament is played annually, in the mid summer, at Franklin & Marshall College.