Character Awards

Junior Character Recognition Album

As part of Tennis Central’s mission to serve up opportunities to enrich the community through tennis and education, we recognize junior players in our programs who demonstrate good character traits.  Tennis Central is committed to not only developing tennis and healthy competition in our community, but building lifetime skills, character and confidence in our players. 



As a Tennis Central player I will do my very best & never give up, win or lose.  I will play fair, obey

the rules & give my opponent the benefit of the doubt.  I will respect my teammates, opponents,

parents & coaches & show good sportsmanship by shaking hands after the match.


Character Award Winners

Caring & Citizenship









Greg Camillo                                      Winnie Allen                                       William Young

Respect + Sportsmanship









Andrew Sexton                                    Livia Jackson                                        Remi Asso



                  Sophie Yost                                      Lance Wilson                                        Alex Asso


Sportsmanship – Fall Steinman Cup Program











             Evan Imschweiler                               Kayley Nguyen                              










          Jacquelyn McBride                                  Adam Good